This is the story of the first human born in the metaverse.

HUMAN ONE is the first dynamically changing hybrid digital / physical artwork. The artwork is an ongoing journey that will continue to evolve over the course of the artist's life.


Kinetic Sculpture

The physical sculpture for HUMAN ONE is an always on kinetic 16K video sculpture that changes over 24 hours according to the time of day. The video will also change over time as the story unfolds...

Physical details:

  1. 87" x 40" x 40" Kinetic Sculpture
  2. 16k resolution
  3. Polished aluminium case
  4. Mahogany wood frame
  5. Updates remotely
  6. Artwork changes based on time of day
  7. 2x redundant media server with battery backup


Non-Fungible Token

The NFT of HUMAN ONE is an ongoing journey that changes based on time of day and will continue to evolve over time. Hidden in the video will be clues to unlock additional NFTs. These NFTs will be an edition of 2 with one going to the winner, and the other going to the owner of "HUMAN ONE".


NFT details:

  1. ERC-721 token
  2. smart contract
  3. Updates every morning / day / dusk / night
  4. Contains clues to access hidden NFTs

Artist's Statement

I am excited to explore concepts through this artwork that tap into the full potential of the medium of digital art in a way that has never been done with it's unique potential to dynamically change over time. This artwork allows the ability to remotely and seamlessly change the video in both the physical and NFT, with the message and meaning of this piece continuing to evolve over the course of my life.

A traditional work of art is more akin to a finite statement, frozen in time at the moment it was completed. With the ability to update this artwork, is it more akin to an ongoing conversation that I can continue to add new meaning to over time.

This artwork will first be available to the public at Christie's 21st Century New York evening sale